Virtual Country offers a bold, inspiring, and doable vision for our democracy... a stunning piece of work, and beautifully written.
— John Steiner, Co-founder: The Bridge Alliance
Offering the actual methodology for designing change, as well as the tools to support it, Virtual Country is not just a roadmap, but a functional manifesto for a radical non-violent revolution.
— Barbara Fields, Executive Director, Association For Global New Thought
Virtual Country...offers hope and a path forward, at a time when both are in short supply, and I would encourage anyone to invest the minimal amount of time required to read the book cover-to-cover. They won’t be disappointed.
— Marc Genty, Sr. System Engineer, National Center for Atmospheric Research

What is this book about?

A very special and significant moment for humankind is upon us. Yet, it is a moment that most people have not yet recognized. For the first time in our known human history, it is now possible for an unlimited number of people to gather in one place, online, for the purpose of expressing our individual advisory votes and our collective advisory voice, on the very issues that affect us all.

The very recent convergence of the Internet, social media and mobile devices makes this possible. Without changing or enacting a single law and without the need for a constitutional convention, a new national institution can be created and launched right now - one that operates “virtually,” right alongside the goings-on of government. It can provide our elected representative with ongoing advisory input from citizens, on a non-partisan, issue-by-issue basis, every single day.

What are our collective values, intentions, desires, and priorities? Do we really want change? If so, what do we want it to look like? How high a national priority is addressing climate change? Do we believe that health care is a right or a privilege? How about guns – are there any limits to ownership that should be considered? What about military actions abroad? Where do we stand? How soon should we act? In what ways? What is it that we will and will not tolerate, at home and abroad?  The answers to questions like these, define us as a country. Yet up until now, we have only been able to imagine what our real country looks like under the surface.

By presenting important issues to citizens, one at a time, in self-contained advisory “Voting Modules” that include fact-verified educational material, different ways to vote, moderated discussions, and a way for popular voting issues to be disseminated effortlessly and securely, a new “issue-based” democracy will bypass the 2-party system and begin to filter for commonality.

However, the creation of new, national infrastructure for civic engagement, is not something that can, or should, be left to chance. The same forces that have already corrupted our traditional democratic process will eventually understand the importance of the moment as well, and will likely attempt to shape the opportunity into one dedicated to quarterly profits, instead of one dedicated to empowering citizens.

The Virtual Country strategy, completely non-partisan by design, is about collective self-examination and self-discovery, on a national and even international scale. It identifies an historic opportunity to update the software of our democracy in a way that re-invites “We the People” to take our rightful place at the table of self-governance, through the creation of a new, non-governmental, national institution for Advisory Voting.

Successfully implemented, this strategy will transform politics as we know it, and will usher in a new era of civic engagement and collective achievement, of which our Founding Fathers could have only dreamed.


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A blueprint for an issue-based, advisory voting system, which transcends the traditional allegiances of a two-party system, and allows every voice to be heard. Now, more than ever, an innovation like this is critical.
— Peter Russell, author of The Global Brain and Waking Up In Time